Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Issue #50 Beyond Investigation

Having some knowledge of different disciplines of science can be a definite bonus when investigating UFOs. However the more one learns about the phenomenon, the more one will tend to wonder if there is more to it than the scientific aspect. After all, even using the most up-to-date scientific methods and knowledge, we are still left with data that is outside of our knowledge base, and without a frame of reference to help us make any sense of it. In other words, if our best science pales in comparison to that of the visitors, then that can only mean that there is still a lot of information that we are merely guessing at, and making assumptions about.

While as investigator's it is important to keep an open mind, it is not unreasonable to come to some conclusions after investigating a subject for a long period of time. After many years of investigation myself, I can safely say that 1) some UFOs are flying saucers, 2) some UFOs are not from this planet, and 3) some UFOs are piloted by entities also not from this planet. Considering that we do not have an exhibit of alien craft and aliens for people to examine themselves, that is a lot to be sure of based on only circumstantial evidence. So what do I base my conclusions on? I would have to say that I have based my conclusions on what I have seen myself, what I have heard and read from other witnesses, and from the paper trail of evidence that has been revealed since the Freedom of Information Act became law.

Nothing beats seeing a UFO for yourself to make you a believer, no matter how skeptical one might be before the sighting. When I saw a mile-long craft cruising overhead no more than 200 feet above me, silently gliding by at around 30 mph, I realized at the time that there was more going on than the general public was aware of. When it all of a sudden stretched into first a line of light, then a pinpoint of light, before shooting off into space, I knew I was witnessing technology way beyond anything known to man.

The most amazing thing to me about the sighting wasn't that I saw a craft from another world, it was the silence in the news the next day. I know there were other witnesses, because when I saw this craft, I was just leaving a major supermarket in southern California, and there were other people reacting to the sighting. There were whistles and shouts from other shoppers who saw it at the time, and the general consensus among the people I heard was that "now the government would have to admit that UFOs were real", and "no way this won't be all over the news!" However it never made the news in any form to my knowledge. Such was the political climate of 1979.

Fortunately times have changed, and serious investigators of UFOs are no longer looked upon as just a bunch of wishful thinkers. Real science has helped us to separate accounts of mistaken identity, from actual UFOs, to the point that an argument can easily be made that the evidence points in the favor of UFOs being a reality. The public perception has changed over time as well, to the point that people who believe in the reality of UFOs outnumber the non-believers by a large margin.

Yet we are still limited by not just our own scientific knowledge when confronted with many of the alien technologies, but also the alien way of thinking. Try as we might, we are human, and we are only aware of our human existence. To think like an alien, no matter what type of alien you wish to compare to, would require that we have one in open communication with us, and as of now, I am unaware of one. My guess is because they would have as much interest in conversation with us as we would have in conversing with a sheep. We just don't seem to be of social interest to them whatsoever. Perhaps it's our primitive ways, or perhaps there's more to it than that. That is a question that possibly can't be answered by science.

I hope this spurs some thought into other avenues of research that might open up new ways of looking at cases for investigators. Be sure to share with all of your friends!

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  1. Another excellent post there Jeff!
    Perhaps the Visitors prefer to deal with us on the periphery, rather than out in the open. There could be a quarantine on humanity, after all, we are violent creatures. Maybe their still waiting for us to reach intelligence: We think of dolphins and whales as being intelligent, but except for very rare instances, we aren't in daily communion with them. Maybe physic ability is the measure of intelligence to them, and we are yet but infants in that realm.
    A very interesting blog this week Jeff! Thanks for giving me something to grok on!