Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Issue #49 Orbs

Prevalent amongst reports file with MUFON, are the many accounts of orbs, or balls of light. While many of these reports can be easily explained away as drones, Chinese lanterns, military flares, and even in some cases meteors, many of these reports defy explanation.

While some photographic evidence ends up being nothing more than dust or water on the lens, there are also a number of photographs that just can't be explained as easily. This leaves one to wonder; what are they?

I do not personally believe that any of these accounts can be attributed to ball lightning either. Ball lightning is an extremely rare phenomena, and when it does occur, it only lasts for seconds, not minutes as described in some witness accounts.

I am currently investigating a case near Edwards Air Force Base, where the witness reported "feeling" the orb, before actually turning around to look at it. I asked the witness during the interview what she meant by "feel", and the best way she could describe it was "like a calming presence." In the witness' own words, "Standing in my back yard and watching stars, I felt something and looked to my right, and there was a glowing, round object. It hovered about 3 ft. off the ground, and was 8-9 ft. across. Light was diffused and warm." The witness also stated "a feeling of being familiar with it." The witness saw the object take off all of a sudden to the north and ascent to 1,000-2,000 feet, where it stopped, shone a light on the ground then zipped off to the northeast where it again stopped and repeated it's actions.

All of this implies an object under intelligent control, but what it does not lend any evidence to what it could be. It's description rules out Chinese lanterns, flares, and probably drones as well.

MUFON is currently conducting a study to try to determine more about orbs. Any Field Investigator's with any cases involving orbs are encouraged to contact either Cassidy Nicholas, or Erica Lukes with their findings.

I hope this issue helped illuminate the issue of orbs...bad pun, I know. Come back next week for more, and don't forget to share!

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