Thursday, April 30, 2015

Issue #45 Entity Sightings In California Over The Last Decade

While doing some research for a fellow writer yesterday, I noticed a very interesting trend over the last decade; not only were the number of sightings increasing, but the number of cases involving entities was increasing as well, at least here in California. While some of the cases were under the purview of my good friend Ruben Uriarte, our Northern California State Director, I am including them because most people think of California as a whole state, not broken into sections. The following list will show you how many cases were closed by MUFON Field Investigators in California for the given year, then how many of those cases involved an entity. After than I will break down the entity cases to show what the disposition of those cases was.

1.  2004 - 45 cases completed - four of those involved an entity. Out of those four, two were hoaxes and one was closed as an 'IFO', leaving one that was closed as an 'Unknown'.

2.  2005 - 124 cases completed - one involved an entity. It was closed as 'Insufficient Data'.

3.  2006 - 202 cases completed - five of those involved an entity. Out of those five, two were hoaxes, two were determined to be 'Insufficient Data', and one had no available information.

4.  2007 - 284 cases completed - eight of those involved an entity. One of those was a hoax, one was closed as 'Insufficient Data', however six of them were closed as 'Unknown'.

5.  2008 - 627 cases completed - seven of those involved an entity. One was closed as 'Insufficient Data', and once again, six were closed as 'Unknown'.

6.  2009 - 586 cases completed - nine of those involved an entity. One of those was a hoax, two were closed as 'IFO's, two were closed as 'Insufficient Data', and four were closed as 'Unknown'.

7.  2010 - 593 cases completed - nine of those involved an entity. One of those was a hoax, six were closed as 'Insufficient Data', one was closed as an 'IFO', and one was closed as an 'Unknown'.

8.  2011 - 739 cases completed - fifteen involved an entity. Three of those were hoaxes, four were closed as 'Insufficient Data', three were closed as 'IFO's, and four were closed as 'Unknown'.

9.  2012 - 915 cases completed - twenty-two of those involved an entity. Two of those were hoaxes, five were closed as 'Insufficient Data', seven were closed as 'IFO's, three were 'Information Only', and five were closed as 'Unknown'.

10.  2013 - 816 cases completed - thirty-seven involved an entity. One of those was a hoax, thirteen of them were 'Information Only', six were closed as 'Insufficient Data', six were closed as 'IFO's, and eleven were closed as 'Unknown'.

11.  2014 - 1,089 cases completed - fifty-five involved an entity. Ten of those were hoaxes, fifteen were 'Information Only', fourteen were closed as 'IFO's, seven were closed as 'Insufficient Data', and nine were closed as 'Unknown'.

While we might be off to a slower start this year, I have full confidence the numbers will be comparable to last years. So far 168 cases have been completed, and eleven of those have involved an entity. Of those eleven, four were 'Information Only', four were closed as 'IFO's, two were closed as 'Insufficient Data', and one was closed as an 'Unknown'.

As you can see by the number of cases closed, there has been a steady increase in the number of cases we have been working. That is one of the reasons that I am always trying to interest more people in becoming MUFON Field Investigators...we could use the help!

What I found most interesting in going through all these cases was the fact that one picture has been taken of an entity in all this time. While many of the reports were closed as 'Unknown', none of them had a photograph accompanying the report.

So, while the evidence might be mounting to suggest an increased ET involvement, at least here in California, as of this moment they have remained as elusive as "Bigfoot". 

I hope this shed some light on our investigator's hard work, and maybe even encourages a few new people to look into becoming MUFON Field Investigator's!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Issue #44 Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As some MUFON members know by now, there is more to being a Field Investigator than just investigating cases that are submitted to us. We also have a duty to educate people about UFOs and the cover up that has gone along with it.

It is a fantastic learning experience to go to UFO conferences and MUFON meetings, and one of the comments I always hear afterwards is how great it was to be amongst a group of people where you can talk about UFOs and not be ridiculed. Birds of a feather do like to flock together after all! I myself agree that it is wonderful to be with a group of such enlightened people, exchanging information and telling our accounts of high strangeness. The problem is that when we do this, we are not bringing our knowledge to the people that need it the most, those who have little or no knowledge of what is going on.

In every day life all of us come into contact with people from all walks of life. I myself live in a fairly small town, and I have lived here long enough to know quite a few people on at least a first name basis, if not better. Over the course of the last year I have been presented with many opportunities to tell people about MUFON, what our mission is, and some of the information that I have learned over the years. It is not as easy to talk to people that have believed what the Air Force and other government agencies have been telling them for years, which is why knowing how to correctly answer many of the questions that you will hear repeatedly is very important.

Always keep in mind that honesty is the number one priority. If you don't know the answer to a particular question, your best reply is "I don't know". The last thing that you ever want to do when talking to someone that is new to the subject is to give them incorrect information. For one thing, you will lose any credibility with that person when they find out the correct version of events, but not only that, it also damages the credibility of an already beleaguered field.

There is no shame in not knowing the answer to a question, and you will always be remembered more for being a person who doesn't just spout dogma to look cool! Especially if you can follow up at a later date with the answer to their question. That gives the person the impression that you both listened to them, and cared enough about their interest to research it and get back to them. That is the kind of interaction with the public that is going to get us all a lot further than fantastic made up stories ever will!

Sometimes you will also run up against the problem of oversaturation. Telling a newcomer to UFOlogy too much at once can have the extreme opposite of the desired effect. You don't really want to "drop a bomb" on people, especially if they don't know you that well. I think that using a much subtler approach can have a much more lasting effect as far as sparking interest in the subject goes. The rule when doing stand-up comedy is to always leave the audience wanting more, and the same approach when speaking to people who aren't familiar with the subject of UFOs is probably just as wise. Sometimes just planting the seed of curiosity is the better option because then the person will seek the knowledge on their own. Most of us know how that ends up...the journey down the "rabbit hole" is a long one indeed!

So please, share this issue with all of your friends, but also...share what you know with strangers! Together we can make a difference. See you all next week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Issue #43 Seven Decades Of Lies

Ever since our military establishment took control of UFO crash retrievals and put a clamp on any information being released to the public, we have been fed one lie after another in the interest of "national security". That we should feel secure as a nation based on the lies we've been fed is an absurd idea at best! After all, if a government can lie to the people about the most important events in human history, whats to stop them from lying about anything else? Nothing erodes away trust quicker than being caught in a lie. Unfortunately, our government has been caught in several.

One of the consequences of going along with the lie as if it is the truth, is the funneling of enormous amounts of taxpayer monies in the search for life and extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe. NASA has spent billions, if not trillions on a ridiculous search of the heavens for life, only to tell us that they can't find any signs of any other civilizations out there. As my friend Jeff Kropp said on Facebook, "What are they looking for, Mc Donald's golden arches?"

Thanks to the Freedom Of Information Act, thousands of pages of official military documents confirming our knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence have been released, yet that data is completely ignored by people looking for life elsewhere. A perfect analogy for the governments search for extraterrestrial life would be someone going down to the waterline at the beach, dipping a glass into the water, and when it comes out without a fish in it saying that there is no life in the ocean, while someone else barbecues a halibut a only few feet away! Keep in mind though that it's your taxpayer dollars paying for this.

There are also plenty of documents in researchers possession which clarify the governments stance on releasing any information to the public regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials. It is strict policy to NEVER release any information concerning either to the public, and media outlets have a similar policy of denial and ridicule. Thanks to Edward Snowden's release of documents to Wikileaks, I even found a document from the United Nations which states that England's official policy is to immediately shoot down any resolutions in the United Nations assembly that have anything to do with UFOs!

One of the problems stems from the publics belief that the government has their best interests in mind. The reality is that the government has it's own interests that supersedes the publics. There is an insatiable monster that must constantly be fed, known to most of us as the military industrial complex. Since their motto is "no breakage, no makeage" they have a need to keep us in a perpetual state of warfare or their gravy train will dry up. They've had their way for so long, that they will not go quietly into the night either, guaranteed. It is only when one starts examining the UFO phenomenon that they start to see how it all fits together, and the lengths that the government has gone to in order to keep the secret from the American people and the rest of the world.

I hope that this weeks issue inspires more research into the coverup, lies and disinformation. It is clearly time to put a stop to it, and to start a policy of openness and truthfulness. Lies are what an evil empire are based on, not a society such as ours  supposedly based on freedom and democracy. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Issue #42 Animal Mutilations

Perhaps the most horrific aspect of the UFO phenomena is the reports of animal mutilations. Being a animal lover myself, it is hard to imagine anyone or anything that would kill an animal in such a fashion, and leave the carcass behind. I'm quite sure none of us would be so disturbed if it was just normal predation and there were signs that the animal had been fed upon, but when most of the animal is left intact and only select parts taken, it is unsettling on a grand scale because we have no idea of the reason or logic behind the killing.

The first widely publicized animal mutilation occurred in September of 1967 in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, when an Appaloosa mare named 'Lady' was found dead with all the flesh stripped from the neck up down to the dry bone. A reporter mixed the name up with another horse named 'Snippy', and the name stuck through the years adding confusion to the story. 

Unidentified flying objects and lights were seen in the area before the incident, and many newspapers speculated that there might be a connection between UFOs and the horses death.

A pathologist who examined Lady, Dr. John Altshuler from Denver, was shocked to discover that all the internal organs had been removed from Lady's chest "surgically with heat." The cuts were surgically precise, and bloodless. When the tissue samples that he took were examined under his laboratory microscope, he found that the hemoglobin had been cooked, indicating that extreme heat had been used to cut the tissue. This is a recurring finding in animal mutilations.

Most animal mutilations appear to have quite a few similarities. There are many cases where the animal was found with the rectum cored out, penis and testicles removed by means of bloodless incisions with surrounding tissue untouched, one ear removed (in the case of cattle) yet the ear tags are found on the ground without blood on them, one eye and surrounding tissue removed, sometimes internal organs (sometimes not), teats and udders removed by hide-deep bloodless incisions which show signs of high heat being used, and most alarmingly no blood or tracks found near the animals themselves, including the animals own tracks! In most cases it is as if the animal was lowered to the ground after it was killed.

There is much speculation as to the reasons that whoever is doing this is taking these specific parts, and most explanations relate to testing for levels of radiation in the animals, that they might have picked up from their environment and through grazing. This makes sense even though we do not know for sure who or what is doing this to these animals. With all the atomic weapons testing that has been done without regard to the long-term effects on the environment, it is conceivable that some group either terrestrial or extraterrestrial is monitoring the effects from the radiation.

Another theory put forth is that aliens are sustaining themselves in nutrient baths made from the blood and genetic material taken from the animals, and that there are critical elements that they are missing and must get in this fashion to survive.

As a Field Investigator if you are ever called out to the scene of an animal mutilation I would recommend that you bring along a Geiger Counter or some form of radiation detector, a metal detector so you can examine the carcass for any traces of metal which would indicate human involvement, and of course a camera for taking lots of pictures. You will also want to take tissue samples from the incised areas for microscopic analysis. You can make an emergency field preservation fluid by mixing equal doses of rubbing alcohol and purified water, which will keep your specimens from deteriorating before they can be examined under a microscope. Be sure to properly label your samples and get them to your State Director in a timely fashion.

I hope this issue helps give some guidance in how to proceed with an animal mutilation investigation. As terrible as they are, there is much data that can be collected from these occurrences. In time maybe we will have some answers as to what is really going on. Don't forget to share this issue with all of your friends, and come back next week for more!