Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Issue #46 Not The Smoking Gun...Again!

The UFO community is all abuzz today with talk of last nights presentation of the purported "alien slides". I would have been remiss to not catch last nights presentation, but fortunately for me I had the presence of mind to find a free link instead of paying the $20. I'm very glad too...otherwise I'd have felt ripped off! Please bear in mind that my following comments are my impressions of the event, and the way it was handled, and what the photos might actually be of. I only have the photos to go by, but then again, that's all anyone else had to go by either!

I was originally interested of course only because of the pre-release of the blurred photo of the slide. The blurred image looked like it might be from what many consider a typical grey alien, and I think the promoters were counting on just that reaction from people. That is why they promoted it the way they did. The public was also led to believe that it was sealed in some kind of preservation chamber, which when finally revealed was simply not the pun intended.

Instead, the "big reveal" showed what appeared to be the mummy of a child in a glass display case such as one would find in any museum. But of course, we've all heard how they just let the public see all the aliens back in '47, and didn't hide anything...right? That must explain the people also in the photograph looking at the "alien", and the other exhibits as if they were common place. And yes, I too would stick either a bear or gorilla's head next to it, because I'm sure the context would be fitting...not! It's more likely part of the exhibit in an natural history museum!

Yes, they showed in their presentation how they were able to date the slides, and how all the film types and processing matched for that era. That doesn't lend one bit of credence to the subject of the picture though. It could just as easily been taken on a trip to Egypt, and mixed in with the rest of the slides. Just because the lady new the Eisenhower's doesn't make it an alien either!

I reviewed quite a few child mummy pictures to compare, and guess what? They all look just like what was presented last night! I think I might have even found the same mummy as represented as an alien, but he is on display in Egypt.

As for all the comments I've read this morning on social media, I can only say that this was the biggest disaster for UFOlogy in years! I have not read any comments that sounded like, "finally the evidence we've been waiting for!", or "Wow, that was the proof I needed!"...instead I'm hearing very negative comments about the "alien", and UFOlogy in general. They said their presentation would forever change UFOlogy...I just hope it hasn't forever made a mockery of the field!

In conclusion, I can only say that I am very disappointed in the whole affair. The way it was presented was nothing more than a glorified dog and pony show, totally lacking any credible scientific evidence. That someone would think "alien" before "museum exhibit" is quite frankly ridiculous, and the public is not as stupid as the promoters of this event had hoped. Yes, we would love to see the real proof, but when we are presented with junk like this, billed as the "real thing", it's no wonder there are so many non-believers. This is why MUFON has such an uphill battle, but we at least stay credible by sticking with the science. When we forgo that, then we will be finished as a credible investigator of UFOs.